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8Dio Instant Dobro Guitar Bundle

Welcome to 8DIO Instant Guitar Series – a studio collection of high-end deep-sampled electric instruments. This library contains both Dobro Guitar Solo and Dobro Guitar Strummer – allowing you to play completely realistic Dobro guitar. The Solo and Strummer editions were recorded with the same instrument and amplifier, so they are 100% compatible and designed to be used together.

8Dio Dobro Guitar Solo VST is a passionate, deep-sampled pristine sounding warm, true Americana Dobro. We recorded the Dobro Guitar VST in great detail with both sustains and muted strings. We included hundreds of natural fret and release noises. In addition we also recorded natural strum samples, so you can play everything in a strummed fashion. 8Dio Dobro Guitar comes with 18 core patches divided into natural, morphed and synthesized categories. The morphed category blends with Dobro Guitar with other instruments (ex. Grand Piano, Steel String Guitar, Analog Synths and more exotic type of instruments.

The Dobro Strummer contains over 8.500 samples spread across 13 different chord types and 18 common rhythm types. All the chords and rhythms can seamlessly be blended using our x-legato technology. The X-legato system allows you to combine any chord and rhythm at any given time giving you an infinite amount of combinations. In addition the Dobro Strummer is a round-robin based strum library, so even if you trigger the same chord/rhythm multiple times – you will get natural subtle variation. The Dobro Strummer also contains a unique patch with motion picture inspired strums. Dobro Strummer contains all the classic chords (ex. Major, Minor, Maj7, Min7, Dim7, 7 ) used in traditional songwriting, but also contains more elaborate chords (ex. Maj7B5, 13, Aug, Sus2, Sus4, 11, 7-5). The rhythm section is equally deep from traditional type of strum rhythms to more genre specific ones (ex. country, fingered arped, muted chugs). In addition we also recorded Dobro Slide rhythms, which gives additional options to design new types of rhythms. Dobro Strummer also contains intelligent fret noises and velocity based end chords, which allows you to make a natural ending to a chord progression by playing hard on keyboard.

We also integrated our Chaos FX 3.2 (ex. Stereo Delay, Verb, Screamer, Lofi, Dual-Convolution) into the patches, so you can trigger live FX on top of the patches by using key-switches. We also integrated a dual convolution reverb containing deep sets of both FX and normal based set of convolutions.

Instantly Playable
The Dobro Guitar Solo is incredibly flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use. You can literally just sit down and play it. All the main controls are available on the front of the interface. So whether you want to control the fret noises of fingers moving across strings, adjust the volume of fingers letting go of the strings, adding real-time strums to chords. It is all right there at your fingertips

Instant Presets
The Dobro Guitar Solo comes with 18 custom presets that are instantly accessible from the built-in browser environment. The presets come in three main categories, including Natural, Morphed and Synthesized Dobros. The natural presets contain both dry and web variations of Dobros. The morphed preset category contains a variety of custom 8Dio instruments mixed together with different Dobro variations (ex. Dobriano – mixture of old grand piano and vintage Dobro). The synthesized category blends the Dobro with carefully designed vintage analog synths

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