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8Dio Studio Sopranos

8Dio Studio Sopranos

The New Studio Sopranos update utilizes our all-new GUI and comes with a variety of tools to help you shape your sound. With a vast collection of dynamic articulations, polyphonic multi-phrase legato, true legato and an array of controllable X/Y Effects to modify your sound. The new update gives you everything you need to sculpt your productions into pure art.

The New Studio Sopranos is a highly versatile choir that seamlessly transitions between intimate and aggressive, providing beautiful background textures to your orchestrations, or being upfront and dominant in the mix. Produced by Emmy Nominated Composer Colin O’Malley, The New Studio Sopranos features 9 extremely talented Soprano singers, recorded in 3 separate divisions each controlled with their own individual fader. Recording the sopranos in groups of 3 allows you to not only have an extremely defined sound, but also to have flexibility when controlling the size, placement, and character of your choir.

The New Studio Sopranos also implements the beautiful Polyphonic Phrase Legato from our latest choirs, offering incredibly realistic legato phrasing as you play through each syllable, and allows you to seamlessly switch between the phrases mid-sentence giving you thousands of creative options for a genuinely lifelike performance. Forgoing the traditional sampling methodology of fragmented word builders, polyphonic phrase legato allows you to write freely while still harnessing the true expression and flow of a live choir.

We have updated the New Studio Sopranos to give you complete control over the sound of your legatos, use the speed knob allows you to customize the interval transitions between notes to cover writing at a variety of tempos. We have also included Attack, Release, and Sample-Offset controls so you can shape the sound of the Sopranos to your compositional needs. Legato patches feature an entirely new level of emotional realism with a real sense of the Sopranos soaring and reaching for each and every note.

To showcase the more aggressive side of the soprano choir, we have sampled 16 specially selected staccato articulations to create tight rhythmic passages; as well as 11 complementary Marcato articulations for powerful and punchy melodic writing.

The New Studio Sopranos Dynamic Arcs provide an endless bed of inspiring pads and sketching tools. 9 different arc variations are available to be used either on their own, adding true dynamic performances to your compositions, or as supporting voices to the Multi Vowels and True Legato patches. Arcs are natural musical expressions created by the singers, by going through different dynamic ranges; these are the exact opposite of static sustains as they breathe true emotion and realism to your music.

True Legato
The New Studio Sopranos contains a gorgeous collection of deep-sampled True Legato sustains. The 3 main legato articulation groups are “Ah”, “Eh”, and “Uh”, as well as a soft and airy variation of “Ah” for extremely delicate scoring. The speed knob gives you the ability to drastically alter how the voice moves through these transitions. True Legatos are designed to work seamlessly with our Polyphonic Phrase Legatos – giving you the ultimate flexibility and control over the singers in a variety of different composing styles, from soft and intimate scoring to taking the lead and soaring within your composition.

The New Studio Sopranos contains not only True Legato and Polyphonic Phrase Legato but also a massive selection of truly emotional arcs – identical to our Anthology Strings (Adagio/Agitato collections), Claire Series and our other choir libraries. The Arcs contain both long and short variations as well as 2 additional softer arcs for more intimate writing. There are many times where crossfading between dynamics will sound artificial, these natural dynamic expressions allow for a truly lifelike performance.

Divisi Microphones
Each microphone mix contains 3 individual singers of the soprano section, using only one of these microphones gives you an immensely detailed 3-person choir which you can individually process and pan around the room. Utilizing all 3 microphones gives you the ability to control the total width, size, and character of your soprano section.

Staccatos & Marcatos
The New Studio Sopranos also contains deep-sampled sets of more traditional articulations such as Staccato and Marcato. Both of these articulation sets are designed to be sharp and punchy for a more bold and in-your-face choir. Not only do you have a full selection of 16 short syllables (Ah, Dee, EE, Eh, Ex, Hoh, Mom, Mus, Nar, Nee, Oh, Pre, Rah, Ruh, Seh, Uh), but you also have a set of 11 Marcatos (Ah, Ay, EE, Mus, Nar, Oh, Rar, Sis, Stoh, Uh, Zoh). All of these articulations are geared to give you an instantly aggressive sound that is designed for epic music.

4-Part Effects Engine
The New Studio Sopranos also contains our new 4-part Effects Engine for extreme and easy sound processing. Each of the 4 effect modules includes an X/Y Matrix that can be assigned to an effect such as Filters, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Rotator, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, and Convolution Reverb. The X/Y parameters can be assigned to any of the effects settings and mapped to any MIDI CC so you have total control over each effect. The familiar UI also includes both a Sequencer and Modulation tab which allow you to further manipulate the samples.

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