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8Dio The New Epic Dhol Ensemble

The New Epic Dhol Ensemble overview
The New Epic Dhol Ensemble is the most comprehensive and deep-sampled collection of large-scale Epic Dhol Ensembles on the market. The library is a completely remastered, redesigned and reprogrammed edition of our original Epic Dhol Ensemble. The New Epic Dhol Ensemble contains over 2.000 samples, built-in articulation browser, internal step-sequencer, front-face FX, textural convolutions and our newest 3.3 Chaos Engine.

The New Epic Dhol Ensemble VST consists of a large ensemble of Punjab Dhol drums and recorded them in the same orchestral hall as our New Epic Toms Ensemble.

The Punjab Dhol is a double-sided barrel drum large and bulky to produce the preferred loud bass. The drum consists of a wooden barrel with animal hide or synthetic skin stretched over its open ends, covering them completely. These skins can be stretched or loosened with a tightening mechanism made up of either interwoven ropes, or nuts and bolts. Tightening or loosening the skins subtly alters the pitch of the drum sound. The stretched skin on one of the ends is thicker and produces a deep, low frequency (higher bass) sound and the other thinner one produces a higher frequency sound. In contemporary Punjabi music, dhols with synthetic, or plastic, treble skins are very common.

The Epic Dhol Ensemble VST drums follows our over general direction in terms of recording all articulations at 10 velocity layers and 10 round robin pr. velocity layers. It contains a great variety of articulations, since each side of drum produces very different sounds. Essentially its divided into a bass section and a snare section. We played the bass section with the traditional big wooden Dhol stick, mallet, hands and fingers to ensure we covered the entire range. The sound is similar to that of Taiko drums, but with a little more tonality to it. The snare side was recorded with the traditional thin bamboo Dhol stick, however we also recorded this side with mallets, brushes and fingers. In addition we recorded different rimshot positions on the drum, so the users can create a variety of different soundings rhythmic textures on the drum. Th library also contains a substantial amount (+800) of BPM based loop banks for instant user gratification. We recorded the dhols and other smaller complimentary percussion instruments together. The loops work perfect with the multisampled sets, but also work perfectly as stand-alone instant-gratification type of music loops.

Integrated Browser
The New Epic Dhol Ensemble contains a new integrated browser that gives you instant access to the entire library collection. The browser allows you find any articulation in the library with a single click and with virtually no load-time. The browser also gives you access to master articulations – where you have the entire set of Ensemble Dhols laid out on the keyboard for maximum control, ease-of use and instant fun.

Textural Convolutions
Textural Convolutions is a new way of using convolution to create textural delays. The idea is to use non-conventional convolution impulses to augment the existing sound. So when the instrument delays – you will not just get a normal delay of the instrument, but also get the delay and texture of the convolution. This concept is called Textural Convolutions and we hand-crafted over 130 impulses for the Dhol Ensembles. The Textural Convolutions can also be randomized.

Internal Sequencing
The New Epic Dhol Ensemble comes with a built-in step-sequencing – allowing you to program the ensemble with ultra precision and tightness. The step-sequencer allows you to create advanced rhythms in any signature rhythm and with both velocity layering and round-robin. In addition you can choose what tempo you want it to play at and even play in triplets too.

Front-Face Effects
The New Dhol Ensemble contains an entire new set of effects on the front of the user interface. You have instant control over dynamics, filters, pitch and micro-pitch, delays, bit-crusher and our new textural convolution delay called transform, which contains over 100 custom textural delays. You also have control over microphones and EQ, which are placed on the sides of the effects section.

Epic Dhol is another must have for me. It’s very playable, has a great range and has a room ambience that adds depth to the music and I’ve used it on just about everything since I got it.

These days I have been using the dhols, I like using the dhols quite subtly when there is little other percussion. They give some interesting juice, and don’t really need to stand out to bring an interesting energy.

Immediate FX
Our new 3.4 FX CHAOS Engine gives you deep access to Filters, Step-Based Filter Sequencer, EQ, Bit-Crusher, Distortion, Dual-Stereo Delay, Convolution Reverb and our new expanded Transform section, which now contains over 130 impulses, including our new textural convolutions. The 3.4 FX CHAOS Engine also allows you to randomize each effect with a single click.

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Total Size: 1.63G

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