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Wrenchenspiel overview
Wrenchenspiel VST is a custom instrument containing a large array of 31 deep-sampled wrenches, yup … wrenches!

The wrenches were modified (carved) to be in perfect tune and we managed to get some of them to sustain their notes up to 10 seconds. The wrenches were played with everything from soft to hard mallets, muted variations, hammers, hotrods, modified metal objects, other wrenches, nails, drumsticks and we even ran electricity through the wrenches for extra punishment. The end-result is a highly versatile, tonal percussion instrument that can sound like anything from a Glockenspiel to Celeste, from traditional Rhodes to absolutely brutal mutilated music sound design.

The Wrenchenspiel contains 18 different core articulations and over 1.200 samples. In addition the library also contains a step-based sequencer (aka Wrenchenquencer/arp), live-triggered FX (ex. Delay, Reverb, Screamer, Lofi, Rotator, Fuzz) and our dual convolution reverbs containing both sound designed and more traditional hall based impulses.

Welcome to the wonderful, wild, wicked, world of Wrenchenspiel.

Custom Instrument made from Wrenches
The Wrench is commonly viewed as a brute and necessary tool for handy-men. However little did we know it contains a significant musical value. One of the beautiful thing about wrenches is the fact they are incredibly sturdy in strong steel. This means they hold a perfect pitch when suspended on felt and thats exactly what we did. We gathered 31 Wrenches and deep-sampled each of them, so you can literally play them like a piano. It is hard to describe, but we bet you’ve never played anything like this before.

The Wrenchenspiel contains a custom-made arpeggiator – that allows you to create advanced repeated patterns with the wrenches. One of the advantages of deep-sampling is that we sample in many velocities and you sculpt the arpeggiator dynamically, so each step has a different velocity if you want. We also added a speed and swing rate to the arpeggiator and a large section of custom patterns, so you can literally play a whole symphony of pitch-perfect wrenchen at any speed you want.

The Wrenchenspiel also come with a gorgeous set of built-in effects. We added Delay, Amp/Screamer Emulations, Lo-Fi (Bit-Crusher), Fuzz, Rotator and two different types of convolution reverbs. The first convolution reverb contains a variety of custom natural space we’ve recorded over time. This includes some of our favorite recording environments in churches and cathedrals. The second convolution reverb contains a large selection of more experimental convolution shots – great if you want to sound design your Wrenchenspiel.

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