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Heavyocity ASCEND Modern Grand [KONTAKT] modern grand piano virtual instrument

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Introducing ASCEND: Modern Grand, the incomparable Concert D, reimagined. Starting with one of the finest cinematic pianos in the world, Heavyocity then pushed the grandest of grand pianos even further, exploring new ways of evoking sound from this nine-foot frame. First, capturing several prepared performances in intricate detail (brushes, hammers, ebows, chains, and twine) and then, developing an all-new engine to bring these extraordinary sounds to life.

110 Snapshot Presets
25 Ascended
10 Core Concert D
25 Extended
25 Rhythmic
25 Rhythmic Melodic
16 Sound Sources
Intuitive Sample Browser
ARP for building complex, rhythmic arpeggios
THREE POINT MIXER for realtime source blending
Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX

REQ: Kontakt 6.1.1

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ASCEND Modern Grand.part5.rar : size--1.47G

ASCEND Modern Grand.part4.rar : size--5.00G

ASCEND Modern Grand.part3.rar : size--5.00G

ASCEND Modern Grand.part2.rar : size--5.00G

ASCEND Modern Grand.part1.rar : size--5.00G

Total Size: 21.47G

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