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Heavyocity Scoring Bass v1.0.0 KONTAKT


Introducing Scoring Bass, a new cinematic low end instrument. Immediately useful and deeply inspirational, Scoring Bass delivers all the power and grit of world-class bass guitars — sampled, treated, and processed by Heavyocity’s renowned team of sound designers.

This is the new foundation of your score; a tight and rumbling bass VI, featuring 4 GB of pads, tempo-synced pulses & pedals, and multi-sampled playable instruments. Designed as a perfect companion to our critically-acclaimed Scoring Guitars instruments, Scoring Bass rounds out the line with grooves and pulses created specifically to complement the guitars’ unique content.

- Inspirational Bass Grooves build your score´s foundation

- Atmospheric Pads from Heavyocity´s team of sound deigners

- Tight and Chunky Rhythmic Pedals for creating quick underscore

- Designed to complement Scoring Guitars 1 & 2

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Including Files:

GP06.SB.part3.rar : size--700.00M

GP06.SB.part2.rar : size--700.00M

GP06.SB.part1.rar : size--700.00M

ScoringB.part1.rar : size--780.00M

GP06.SB.part5.rar : size--700.00M

GP06.SB.part4.rar : size--700.00M

ScoringB.part4.rar : size--780.00M

ScoringB.part3.rar : size--780.00M

ScoringB.part2.rar : size--780.00M

GP06.SB.part6.rar : size--180.40M

ScoringB.part5.rar : size--551.22M

Total Size: 7.18G

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