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Native Instruments RISE and HIT Cinematic Tension Toolkit KONTAKT

RISE & HIT is the ultimate suspense instrument for spine-chilling, cinematic build-ups. 



At the core of RISE & HIT is an extensive sample collection – expertly-recorded and exclusive to this KOMPLETE instrument.

Whether orchestral, organic, hybrid, or synthesized sounds – choose from over 700 single-layer and 250 multi-layer sounds ready for action.


The ultimate action instrument for white-knuckle, cinematic build-ups with exclusive sounds.
RISE & HIT runs in KONTAKT or the free KONTAKT PLAYER.


Combine up to four sound layers for complex, textured builds and peaks. Every sound in RISE & HIT can be radically stretched without losing quality thanks to multiple sample lengths. From a rapid transient “whoosh” to a 32-beat rise, all sounds preserve original timbre.

Then, fine-tune to perfection with compression, saturation, EQs, and more in the Master FX section


Add extra character to your build-ups with reverb and delay, 26 custom filters, or 29 spatial, dynamic and distortion effects. All layer parameters can be automated with the integrated modulation engine for lively, unheard sonic eruptions.

Choose from preset modulation curves for quick design, or get creative – parameters can be tweaked with custom envelopes for added flexibility.


RISE & HIT is the first instrument designed uniquely for expressive build-ups. More than 8 GB of exclusive samples from a wide range of sources come ready for you to set the scene. Easily find the right sound, then adjust, layer, edit, and add effects for fine-tuning. Edge-of-your seat intensity guaranteed.

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Including Files:

RISE.HIT.v1.2.part1.rar : size--950.00M

RISE.HIT.v1.2.part3.rar : size--950.00M

RISE.HIT.v1.2.part2.rar : size--950.00M

RISE.HIT.v1.2.part5.rar : size--950.00M

RISE.HIT.v1.2.part4.rar : size--950.00M

RISE.HIT.v1.2.part8.rar : size--94.97M

RISE.HIT.v1.2.part7.rar : size--950.00M

RISE.HIT.v1.2.part6.rar : size--950.00M

Total Size: 6.59G

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