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Spitfire Audio BML Mural Symphonic String Ensembles KONTAKT

A cherry picked selection of the greatest, most beautiful and celebrated articulations from our award winning Symphonic 'Mural' range, tirelessly re-mixed and baked for CPU lite use. An excellent tool for "power users" or an excellent intro for those yet to try this extraordinary range. With full dynamic, vibrato and round robin control.

After the masterful simplicity of the Albion - epic 'out-of-the-box' orchestral ensembles and the finely crafted detail and beauty of the Sable chamber string range, Spitfire at last are creating the ultimate symphonic-sized detailed string collection as part of their comprehensive British Modular Library. Spitfire's long term project to create the greatest sounding, deepest sampled and ultimately future proofed living orchestral virtual instruments collection on the planet today.

All the players are recorded in situ and mixed carefully with the correct perspective and placing so that they lock together which each and every BML module as if they were all in the same room together when recording. This means that when you start putting sections together it simply works. No mixing, panning, or careful manipulation of reverbs is required to create ultra realistic true sounding mockups, demos and masters. It is designed for ease of use and instant satisfaction with numerous mic positions and essential Jake Jackson mixes to give you options to change the character of the recording, and apply the Mural sound to any number of applications.

Mural offers a grand 60 piece string band (16,14,12,10,8) but is recorded and performed in such a way as to provide you with ultimate detail. It is not an epic dirgy sludge of trailer-making strings. It is pure in its detail and beauty and is designed to encourage and inspire you to write better orchestral music for your canon.

Since being released Mural volume 1 and it's symphonic cousins have gone on to garner many awards and plaudits including Music Tech Magazine's "Sample Library Of The Year 2014" award and has become the no. 1 workhorse symphonic string library the industry over.

Mural also features many scripting and sampling innovations developed when producing our seminal Sable range and comes with the full feature set and intuitive GUI developed for the whole of the BML range. As you would expect with BML, Mural will feature a comprehensive selection of microphone perspectives and labour saving Jake Jackson mixes. Mural also has some additional expression features including intensity, tightness and control of release triggers to give even more human elements and a further ability to tweak.

As working award-winning composers the collective that is Spitfire Audio know and understand what it takes to make world-class film, TV and games music. 'Ensembles' is made up of the "greatest hits" of the two volumes released thus far. From simple longs, longs muted, staccatos and spiccatos, to the beguiling flautando and harmonics. For users unfamiliar with the Mural range this is the opportunity to taste the riches of it whilst having the non fussy ease-of-use of an ensemble range. For power users, this volume offers a vital selection of CPU-lite writing tools that will transfer ideas happily between your main writing rig to your weekend laptop. With the ensemble playing 13 different articulations all with full BML spec vibrato, dynamic and round robin control, with 4 stereo mic positions

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Spitfire Audio - BML Mural Symphonic String Ensembles.part2.rar : size--4.00G

Spitfire Audio - BML Mural Symphonic String Ensembles.part1.rar : size--4.00G

Spitfire Audio - BML Mural Symphonic String Ensembles.part4.rar : size--4.00G

Spitfire Audio - BML Mural Symphonic String Ensembles.part3.rar : size--4.00G

Spitfire Audio - BML Mural Symphonic String Ensembles.part5.rar : size--2.84G

Total Size: 18.84G

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