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Spitfire Audio David Fanshawe Earth Encoun KONTAKT A Unique World Music Sound Library

Spitfire Audio’s ‘Earth Encounters’ Offers A Unique World Music Sound Library

Spitfire Audio has introduced David Fanshawe – Earth Encounters Vol 1 – a new ethnomusicological virtual instrument collection for Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player platform

Earth Encounters showcases the archive left behind by pioneering English composer, ethnomusicologist and musical explorer David Fanshawe (19 April 1942 – 5 July 2010).

Fanshawe’s explorations saw him traveling throughout Africa, the Pacific, the Middle East, and the Far East with his Nagra, Uher, and Stellavox machines. Spitfire says that the recordings were made at a unique moment in time, when the ancient world lived alongside advancing technology.

Here’s a video intro to the new sound library:

Fanshawe captured these traditional sounds before modern technology let to many of these traditions becoming more homogenized. As a result, some of these recordings feature instruments, music, and languages that have since become extinct.

Here’s Spitfire’s mini-documentary on Fanshawe and the process they used for creating the sound library:

David Fanshawe – Earth Encounters Vol 1

With the Earth Encounters collection, Spitfire Audio has created a library of carefully curated loops, phrases, one-shot instruments and vocal performances recorded by Fanshawe himself.

There is also a section of ‘warped’ content where the Spitfire Audio team took the original recordings and created a variety of sounds from them, ranging from ethereal pads to pounding distorted beats.

The sounds are loaded into two ‘engines’:

The first provides an easy way to add ‘everyday’ effects like chorus, delay, distortion, EQ, filtering, phasing, and reverb to the original content, along with more radical sound morphing controls (within the Wobble and Yoke section).
The warped content includes individual and independent modulators; control of trim, bend, glide, cloning, tuning, and ADSR; wobbles that modulate pitch, volume, and filters; a gating and sequencer section with full control over amount, shape, speed, and length; 34 custom effects and impulse responses; and also an ability to crossfade between two selected sounds with speed and phase control capabilities.

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Including Files:

Fanshawe.EE1.part15.rar : size--624.75M

Fanshawe.EE1.part14.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part13.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part12.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part11.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part10.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part09.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part08.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part07.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part06.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part05.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part04.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part03.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part02.rar : size--900.00M

Fanshawe.EE1.part01.rar : size--900.00M

Total Size: 12.91G

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