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Spitfire Audio Enigma 2 The Rapture [KONTAKT] new library from Guitarist and Soundsmith Leo Abrahams

Deeply sampled library from Leo Abrahams with tons of distortion, feedback and filth.

Leo Abrahams follows up his Enigma hit of 2013 with an apocalyptic selection of distorted instruments and walls of sound. Layer into your mix for the ultimate in distortion and feedback. Spitfire escaped to Pool Studios, Bermondsey (London) for weeks of plundering Leo’s unique and rare collection of instruments, pedals and amplification. A deep-sampled library of distorted beauty, that captures Leo's incredibly cool aesthetic, presented in different forms to give you a multitude of options. An enormous variety of articulations, via Leo's enviable guitar collection, his candy store pedal board and a host of different vintage amps and signal paths recorded at London's ultra cool Pool Studios.

The library is split into three distinct sections: "Distortions", "Augmentations" and "Evolutions". The Distortions are the core of the library with a 167 articulations spread across 18 different guitar pedals. The sounds are divided by pedal and contain six different signal options giving a variety of mixing options.

The six different signal options available include a pure DI straight from the pedals, to four different amps and finally a stereo room pair that allow you to add the ambience of The Pool recording studios. The four different amps available have been hand-picked to give a variety of sonic options. The first amp (“Cl” on the GUI) is a Showman, with a clean feed of the guitar before any of the pedals to add the pure tone of the guitar. The next three are where you get to the core of the matter with three different options all straight from the distortions, with the first being a Klemt Echolette M40 into a Selmer cabinet, the second a Bassman, and the third a Swart Space Tone.

The Augmentations are 24 unique sounds crafted by Leo himself using his curated pedal board, ranging from deep bass tones to enveloping pads and textures. These all contain the same six signals as found in the Distortions but are all hosted in Spitfire's Mercury engine where you can develop the sounds further with in-built effects.

Last but not least are the Evolutions, based on Spitfire's Evo Grid range, containing 16 different sounds spread across the keyboard which can be randomized to build complex moving sounds. All built with distortion and feedback in mind, these sounds evolve from a soft distortion up to screaming feedback and down again. These all have four different signal options, which are the three ‘dirty’ amplifiers mentioned above as well as the room signal.

Over 65,000 samples
67.6 GB of uncompressed .wav
36.1 GB of disk space required
72.2 GB of disk space required during install
Full version of KONTAKT required

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Including Files:

Spitfire Enigma 2.part7.rar : size--2.54G

Spitfire Enigma 2.part6.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Enigma 2.part5.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Enigma 2.part4.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Enigma 2.part3.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Enigma 2.part2.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Enigma 2.part1.rar : size--5.00G

Total Size: 32.54G

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