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Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Strings [KONTAKT]

Now updated with 60GB of extra sounds.

To create the greatest film scores in the world, you need to think outside the box. We teamed up with Hans Zimmer, the Godfather of orchestral sampling (Dunkirk, The Dark Knight, Interstellar), to produce this spectacular innovation; 344 players performing an unconventional range of playing techniques in The Hall at London's world-famous AIR Studios. With up to 26 mic positions, only technology allows you to play an ensemble this big — from thundering basslines to glass-like high strings, this is symphonic strings maximised.

With the help of design and user experience agency UsTwo (Monument Valley, DICE), Hans Zimmer Strings is presented in our award-winning dedicated plugin — developed primarily for composers, by composers. Take the dynamic of your scores to levels you’ve never imagined, with our most ambitious library yet.

In collaboration with Hans, we adopted his groundbreaking approach to large group sampling and took it to another level to create a truly epic, supercharged string sound. We handpicked a gargantuan ensemble of London's finest session players in The Hall at AIR Studios to perform a vast range of playing techniques, including Tremolo Harmonic Waves, Super Sul Pont and newly added Marcato Shorts — with mindblowing results. With this ambitious and exciting string library, you are bound to unlock areas of creativity you didn’t imagine were possible.

Hans Zimmer Strings key features:
344 String players
Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass sections
Myriad of Mic Positions
Huge range of dynamics
183Gb of Disk space required (200Gb during install)
New Spitfire Virtual Instrument/Interface (VST2, VST3, AU & AAX)
Sessions recorded at Air Studios
Known for his innovative approach to contemporary scoring, much of Hans Zimmer’s work embraces technology, combining the use of synthesisers and sampling alongside live players, in order to achieve his signature soundscapes. It’s with this in mind that sampling supremos Spitfire Audio have teamed up with Hans to offer a new package that’s on a truly grand scale.

Honed exclusively for these samples, Hans Zimmer Strings is clutter-free and focused.

Featuring sliders for expression and dynamics, and a knob that can be easily customised to the user's personal workflow.

Tailored specifically for orchestra work, loading instruments is a pleasure. Includes preset filtering.

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