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Spitfire Audio Producer Portfolio Frank Ricotti Crotales [KONTAKT]

Frank Ricotti, a living legend, performs on a world class set of crotales. Deep sampled with a number of beaters and playing styles to give you ultimate control and inspiration.

The crotales collection features one of the finest players in London playing the finest instruments in the world, each performance displaying a life and character rarely found in sample libraries. The great Jake Jackson supervised the entirety of these sessions at œair studios in a spatially sound environment. Only the finest tube and ribbon mics were used on these sessions, and the signal path includes Bespoke Neve Monserrat pre-amps passed to the world' largest Neve 88r desk, finally finding a home on meticulously maintained 2 tape. The conversion is accomplished with 96k 24bit Digital Prism A/D.

Over 3GB of data from 1000s of samples
Numerous round robins & dynamic layers
Numerous beaters and styles
Articulations curated by composers
Fully functional œtrue legato
Numerous mixable mic perspectives
Intuitive front end GUI
Plays right out of the box
Sonically fits with other Spitfire products

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Including Files:

Frank.part4.rar : size--506.01M

Frank.part3.rar : size--750.00M

Frank.part2.rar : size--750.00M

Frank.part1.rar : size--750.00M

Total Size: 2.69G

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