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Spitfire Audio Red Cola Trailer Giant [KONTAKT] cinematic sound effect library

Spitfire collaborated with Hollywood-based film score composer and sound designer Redcola to launch a new collection of sound effect libraries.
With the first volume of Recola Trailer Giant, Spitfire offers soundtrack, trailers, video game… composers a collection of effect sounds ranging from risers to drones, atmospheres, distortions and more.

In total, the library for the full version of Kontakt 4/5 features 6598 instruments and 84 presets with 3756 combinations of sounds created by the Spitfire sound designers. They also used the brand new eDNA engine recently introduced with Earth.

The world's first purpose built trailer toolkit designed by a giant in trailer scoring: REDCOLA. This treasure trove of sonic armageddon is powered by Spitfire's sophisticated, user friendly eDNA engine, adding an edge to your games, film, TV, advert and trailer music.

RedCola is an independent music production company based in Hollywood, California. Founded in 2002 by Jonathan Paul & Damir Price, it focuses primarily on music composition and licensing for film, television and advertising. The company’s independence enables it to quickly respond to both creative and business challenges and allows it to thrive in the new era of music industry. redCola Music regularly contributes to both major studio blockbuster releases and independent releases.Since its inception, redCola has branched into 3 main areas – Trailer Music, Production Music and licensing representation for recording artists.

After a series of exciting Skype meetings between the heads of redCola and Spitfire, work was undertaken on both sides of the Atlantic. RedCola plunged into its archives of 12 years of award winning trailer making, which we took and sent through our unparalleled signal warp chains, to curate the definitive tool kit for future generations of dynamic music creators.

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Including Files:

RedCola.part17.rar : size--634.21M

RedCola.part16.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part15.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part14.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part13.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part12.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part11.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part10.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part09.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part08.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part07.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part06.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part05.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part04.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part03.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part02.rar : size--930.00M

RedCola.part01.rar : size--930.00M

Total Size: 15.15G

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