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Spitfire Audio Spitfire Solo Strings V1.2 KONTAKT [NEW]


Spitfire Audio is back with another string library: Spitfire Solo Strings – a library created to provide your orchestral arrangements with a sense of expression, intimacy and the definition some larger string ensembles tend to lose. Spitfire Solo Strings features six world-class solo players recorded in London’s highly acclaimed AIR Lyndhurst Hall. Captured using the very same location and analog processing chain as Spitfire Audio’s other orchestral string libraries, Spitfire Solo Strings was designed for playing lyrical solo passages, arranging a string quartet or layering the solo strings with the company’s larger-sized Chamber Strings and Symphonic Strings range.

In this review, we’ll have a look and listen to Spitfire Audio’s brand-new solo string library and find out together how much of a useful enhancement it can be to the company’s existing products.

Spitfire Solo Strings is a product that brings its developers back to the early days of the brand’s history. Six years ago, Spitfire Audio released a solo strings library as one of their very first products. Over the course of time, Spitfire Audio gained a huge amount of experience in recording, scripting and sampling which is why they found that it’s time to put the popular but outdated product to its hard-earned retirement. It is now replaced with a completely new solo strings library, one that meets modern standards. In contrast to their other two orchestral string libraries Chamber Strings and Symphonic Strings, which use the original samples of older libraries combined with a completely revamped scripting and programming, the new Spitfire Solo Strings comes with an entirely fresh set of samples. Spitfire Solo Strings is a 66 GB large sample library hosted in Native Instruments’ KONTAKT sampler.

Teaming up with 6 of Britain’s most prestigious string players, the developers for yet another time went to AIR Lyndhurst Hall to capture around 41,000 samples and work them into what has become probably the most comprehensive orchestral solo strings library on the market right now. Spitfire Solo Strings features 3 violins recorded separately, one viola, one cello and one double bass. Each of the three violins features a distinct playing style and was recorded with different players. The three types, “Virtuoso”, “1st Desk”, “Progressive” each come with their own set of articulations and positioning in the hall. This was done to provide you with a palette of tonal colors that each have their very own applications in an orchestral arrangement. More on this a bit later.

The library’s interface sticks to the company’s established concept and features the same easy-to-use GUI and all the controls and functions you may know from other Spitfire Audio libraries.

The Overview Panel offers quick access to all the articulations you loaded with a respective NKI patch. You’ll also find a simple microphone position slider called ‘Easy Mix’ which lets you blend seamlessly between a close and a far mic position. Additionally, you are provided with various, freely assignable sliders, controlling sound modulation options like Dynamics, Vibrato Release Length and Expression.

By clicking on the white wrench icon in the top-left of the interface you gain access to the General Controls Pane. It offers a deeper level of control options such as round-robin behavior, sample purging and CC mapping. You’re also provided with a more detailed mic mix control featuring an individual slider for each of the three available mic positions (Close, Tree, Ambient).

The last control panel, the Ostinatum, is found on all the short articulation patches. It functions like a blend of step sequencer and arpeggiator and allows you to quickly create complex ostinato patterns. While providing plenty of customization options, you can just as well make your life easy and load up one of Spitfire’s pre-configured Ostinatum presets.

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