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Spitfire Audio Spitfire Symphonic Brass [KONTAKT] DEFINITIVE ORCHESTRAL BRASS

Half a decade in the making, this encyclopaedic compendium is our definitive collection of orchestral brass. The UK's finest brass players have been expertly recorded at the world-famous Hall at AIR Studios, London — the same inimitable acoustic as Symphonic Strings and Symphonic Woodwinds, for that highly sought-after blockbuster sound. Symphonic Brass offers you Close, Tree and Ambient microphone positions and 169 articulations, adding power and punch to your orchestral scores.


After half a decade spent capturing our finest brass players, Spitfire presents Symphonic Brass — a definitive collection of orchestral brass recorded at AIR Studios, London. Harness the power of a broad selection of different section sizes, from solo, to large groups of Trumpets, Horns & Trombones, to featured instruments, from classic Bass Trombones and Tubas, to lesser heard Cimbassi, Contrabass Trombones and Contrabass Tuba.

From heart rending choral works, to blistering lip-bleed material, whether you're an aspiring John Williams or a zealous Hans Zimmer fan, we have no doubt that their favourite players will find favour with you.


The world's finest brass players, handpicked by Spitfire Audio
A broad band covering solo, chamber, symphonic and cinematic instrument groups
The full range of brass instruments, from classic to lesser known
Recorded in situ using priceless valve and ribbon mics
Neve Montserrat Pre-amps into a Neve 88R desk
Multiple dynamic layers and round robins
Diverse and detailed with essential and unique articulations
Produced by an award winning team of composers, producers & engineers
Individual sections and ensembles
Three essential, diverse mic positions: Close, Tree & Ambient
Presented in an intuitive interface by experts with a decade of award-winning sampling and composing experience
Used by A-list composers and producers around the globe


From collieries through to jazz clubs, amongst the hundreds of pit bands at the Royal Albert Hall Proms, through to symphonic concerts and countless chamber spaces, the British Brass tradition runs through our country and culture like spinal fluid. Whilst there are many great orchestras around the world, there's just something about British brass that keeps composers coming back. It is the rare combination of the colliery, jazz, West End and classical traditions that produce this melting pot of rarefied individuals.

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Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part13.rar : size--121.27M

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Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part11.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part10.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part09.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part08.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part07.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part06.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part05.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part04.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part03.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part02.rar : size--5.00G

Spitfire Symphonic Brass.part01.rar : size--5.00G

Total Size: 60.12G

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