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Spitfire Glass and Steel KONTAKT a collection of tuned percussion sounds

new composer toolkit full of inspiring sounds organically created from Glass, Steel and Porcelain, morphed into everything from rhythmic tension beds to organic pads, searing basses: your new secret weapon!

Discover Spitfire's secret weapon — a collection of tuned percussion sounds created from 'found' glass, metal and china, morphed, warped and sequenced into metallic hits, rhythmic tension beds, distorted sub basses and epic, shimmering pads. Recorded on our dry stage at Spitfire Studios, 45 instruments and objects ranging from metal bowls to wine glasses were played by world renowned percussionist Paul Clarvis in innovative ways to achieve a variety of unidentifiable sounds and glistening overtones. Presented in our versatile eDNA interface for instant playability and inspiration, we also give you 235 presets, designed to inspire and take your compositions to new places.


Glass and Steel is a collection of mystical, shimmering sounds — short, metallic hits, long sub-basses and shimmering pads created from found objects, hit, bowed and plucked by leading experimental percussionist Paul Clarvis. Recorded meticulously on our dry stage at Spitfire Studios in London, each sound has been played to its strengths, using different beaters and bows, to give you the most exciting results. Some objects were filled with water, rotating them as they were struck, to capture a sense of motion.

As well as capturing the rare beauty of each instrument, we have created over 235 warped presets — some organic, and some warped beyond recognition — demonstrating how these magical, otherworldly sounds can be used. Included in this is a selection of sequenced rhythms that interact with our sophisticated eDNA engine to create pulsing tension beds and mystical atmospheres.


One of the things we struggle with as composers is the sonic stereotype associated with certain recognisable instruments. We strive to mix the sonic characteristics of known instruments with those of lesser known or invented instruments, so that the same effect can be achieved without falling into stereotypes. This beautiful and mystical selection has found its way onto scores as far reaching as psychological thrillers, science fiction, fantasy and horror, through to nature and space documentaries.

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